Shotgun News 9/20/2021

From Larry Dark:Howdy

Feels like summer still has the upper hand but with each passing day we are closer to feeling like Fall. So take advantage of the glorious weather around the corner and get in plenty of range time before old man winter shows up. 
Tuesday 9/21 *Open practice on the hill. Ranges open by 3p

Friday 9/24 Arts old Codgers will be on the hill shooting trap and skeet. They get started around 9a and shoot till mid day

Saturday 9/25 Five Stand . 5 stand is a compact practice course for Sporting Clays. 8 throwers are set in the field to give presentations with multiple combinations challenging even seasoned shotgunners. Come on out, bring lots of shells and get on a squad. If you havent tried our 5 stand i would suggest an improved cylinder choke, skeet will work if its not too windy. Range open by 9a and will remain open until shooters stop coming. (normally around 3p) 
We have been posting the days with people signed up for range duty. We try to staff as many weekends as we can for the convenance of our members that dont want keys to the shotgun range.If you would like to get your own keys to the facilities it is a very simple process.

  1. Be trained by someone that has a key
  2. Contact Joe Trujillo 423.722.6114
  3. Sign up for 8 hrs range duty (two Sunday afternoons or one Saturday)
  4. 5.00 key charge
  5. Now you have your own keys and access during normal shooting hours

Range duty for this week Saturday 9/25  Lester Hopson Sunday 9/26  James Campbell

Hope to see everyone around the range ld