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4280 Reservoir Road
Kingsport Tennessee, 37660
(2.6 miles past Bays Mtn. sign)

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Shotgun News 6/27/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy We have several new additions to the email list this week. I would like to say Welcome!  And remind the newer members that they can get keys to the facilities if they want to shoot on their schedule. *The club still has shotshells available for members to purchase 85.00 per flat […]

June Standing Silhouette Match

From Brad Snow: A good, hot, June afternoon for 10 shooters to enjoy a Standing Silhouette Match.  Some of our regulars didn’t make it this month, maybe Trevor and Jeff figured after their record setting tie of 28 last month, no need to attempt to top that!  But a Big Welcome to 3 new shooters, […]

President’s Page Updated 6/21/2022

The President’s Page has been updated. Dear Members, I would like to personally thank all the members that have renewed their membership. Our total amount of memberships is at 1300! That is amazing! Thank you for encouraging friends and family to join. We are so fortunate to be one of the oldest and most […]

Shotgun News 6/20/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy I’m sure you’ve noticed the new Promatic Card readers on the skeet and trap fields. These are being tested and de-bugged at the moment. The plan is to make cards available in July, then go live with the system the first of August. After the system goes live a card will […]

Special New Member Orientation 6/22/2022

Due to Fathers day activity keeping people away from the range, there will be a special new member orientation Wednesday evening at 6PM, June 22, 2022 The orientation on the 19th, Fathers Day, is still being held. Choose whichever date works best for you.

Shotgun Help 6/15/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy If anyone has a truck with a fifth wheel hitch…..we have load of targets to arrive this friday morning at 9a. Joes truck is in the shop and we need someone to ferry his trailer up and down the hill with pallets of targets. If you have one that you can […]

Shotgun News 6/13/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy The target truck is scheduled to arrive at 9a on Friday morning the 17th .  Bring your gun, a shoot will usually break out after the truck is unloaded. Tuesday 6/14 Open practice on the hill. Ranges open by 2p Friday 6/17 Arts old Codgers will be on the hill shooting trap and […]