Dear Members,

I would like to personally thank all the members that came to the board meeting to vote. Congratulations to the newly elected officers and board members. I look forward to taking on this role to make Cherokee Gun Club efficient and enjoyable for all.

We have a busy summer schedule available to our members.  As always the catfish pond is open from sunrise to sunset each day. Please come out and enjoy the shooting, fishing and archery sports.

Visit the home page for the most recent announcements and scroll down about 2/3s of the way to the bottom or directly to announcements page for the latest information.

Do you have an idea that would help improve the range or a suggestion that would make the range a better place to shoot? Attend the monthly business meeting and lets us know. If your work schedule or distance prevents you from attending one of the monthly meetings then contact a club officer or use the membership form to email the membership committee.

 Above all, act safely and responsibly,  be sure to pick up any targets and/or trash when you leave the ranges, mind the Sunday start and finish times (noon until 5:00PM on Sunday), and be respectful of our club property.


As always be safe and I will see on the range,

Joe Trujillo,