Membership Renewal Form

For membership questions, please use the Membership Committee Contact Form.

Please read the following before completing the form for membership renewal.

If you use this form to renew, you must also use the credit card payment option.  Our system doesn't handle on line renewal and then a mailed in check.  Please use on-line for both the renewal form and payment or a mailed paper renewal and check.  The downloadable renewal form can be found here: 2024 Renewal Form


• Must fill out this application each year. You may renew for 2024 after December 1st of 2023.
• Life Members paying the maintenance fee only please fill out this form and check the appropriate box on the reverse.
• All members are required to perform 4 hours of eligible and verifiable Club service each year. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, you are required to pay a $20 yearly maintenance fee.
• The expiration date of membership is February 28th of each year. If you have not renewed within 12 months of the expiration date, you will have to submit a New Member application for approval and complete the "Safety Orientation" (SO) over again.

All dues and fees must accompany application
• $120 - 2024 dues for ages 18 to 64 years or $140 (if 4 hours Club service is not performed).
• $90 - 2024 dues for ages 65 to 74 years or $110 (if 4 hours Club service is not performed).
• $50 - 2024 dues for ages 75 years & older or $70 (if 4 hours Club service is not performed).
• For age 65 and older proof of age is required when mailing the application or renewing in person if not on file. (Example: copy of Driver's License or other positive identification).
• Note: *Extra Gate Cards - To use a card on their own spouses & dependent children must complete a SWT/SO, if they haven't already done so after 10/9/16. Those 16-17 years old must also have a Hunter Safety Training Certificate on file in office prior to SWT/SO.

You may renew in person during regular Office Hours, the first Thursday of each month (Club Meeting Night), from 6:00 to 6:30 PM. Or mail the form to the address shown above. Please note that Members who renew by mail will have their Membership Card returned to them by mail to the address listed on the renewal form.

The Club is setting up an email database for all members. In the future we hope this will help us communicate with all members in a fast and cost efficient manner. Please provide us with your current email address on the space provided on the application page. Your privacy will always be respected.

Are you willing to participate in Club activities related to your Profession or Occupation? From time to time the Club is in need of certain skills outside the range of our normal committee activities. This could include any number of things, from painting & plumbing, to legal, real estate, or other professional skills. If you have such skills you are willing to offer either as a volunteer or for pay, let us know. Please list your Profession, Occupation, or other useful skills in the space provided on the application page and contact an Officer or Director to volunteer.

Please check the Club Website on a regular basis at for Special Announcements or further information on all Club activities. On the website you will find names & contact information for Club Officers & Directors as well as Committee and Shooting Program Coordinators. The Club Calendar provides up to date information on times and schedules for all Club related activities.