4280 Reservoir Road
Kingsport Tennessee, 37660
(2.6 miles past Bays Mtn. sign)

Cherokee Rod and Gun Club invites all area 22 Rifle Shooters to our silhouette matches in 2022.

We will have seven matches this year, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10 in 2023.




We meet the second Tuesday of the scheduled months with sign up beginning from 4:00-5:00pm and the first relay will start at 5:00pm. A maximum of 8 shooters per relay will shoot the course under commands of the rangemaster. Relays will continue until all competitors have completed the course of fire. Matches are normally completed before noon.

Course of fire will be 40 shots, 10 shots at each bank of silhouettes. Chickens at 40 yds, Pigs at 50 yds, Turkeys at 75 yds, and Rams at 100 yds. Targets must be struck in left to right order and the silhouette must fall over to be counted as a hit. Silhouettes knocked over out of order will be counted as misses.

Any 22 rimfire rifle firing 22 short, long, or long rifle standard velocity ammunition is legal for these matches. Any sights are allowed. No slings or shooting coats. Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters and spectators.

Entry fee is $5.00 per match. Scores will be recorded for recognition of the 2021 aggregate winners. There will be 6 matches and the 5 highest scores recorded by each shooter will count toward the YTD trophy awards.


Match Directors for 2021 are Brad Snow (423-480-4960) and Wayne Fish (423-360-1407).

Download the 2021 Flyer for printable dates and rules.

22 Silhouette 9/17/2023

From Hannah Morelock: Congratulations are in order to Jeff Vicars our standing match winner. Three shooters also won five-in-a-row pins. Jeff and Hannah Morelock on pigs and Brad Snow on rams . Great job, those are hard to come by. Check out Cherokee’s website for the scores. Thanks to all for coming out! Next month […]

22LR Long Range Match Results

From Brad Snow: Jeff Vicars tells me that Josh Robinson shot 24 with a Rifle, so I added him to our list, thanks Jeff.  Sorry Josh, don’t know what happened to your score card.  And Brandon and Amy paid for 4 entries, but only shot 2, so now the $ are working out correctly.   Here […]

Even More Info on .22 Long Range Match Feb 11th

From Brad Snow: Here are more details for next Saturday’s match. We will shoot 40 silhouette targets:                 5 rams, 2 turkeys at 200 yards from bench                 5 turkeys, 1 pig, 1 chicken at 165 yards from bench                 4 pigs, 2 chickens at 125 yards from bench                 5 rams, 2 turkeys at […]

More Info on .22 Long Range Match Feb 11th

From Brad Snow: We plan to have a 22 Rifle and Pistol Silhouette Fun Match, Sat Feb 11. Current plans are to shoot rifles and/or pistols (probably slightly different targets for rifles and pistols), bench and standing, from about 50 out to 200 yards. Pistol Creedmore won’t be required but if you want to, have […]

.22 Rifle Silhouette Match tomorrow

From Wayne Fish: Tomorrow will be our last .22 Silhouette match for 2022. We will set up about 3 PM and start shooting when we get a full line. $5.00 per gun. All standing from 40 yards to 100 yards. All shooters must use standard velocity ammo, no high velocity (1100 fps and above) ammo […]