22LR Long Range Match Results

From Brad Snow: Jeff Vicars tells me that Josh Robinson shot 24 with a Rifle, so I added him to our list, thanks Jeff.  Sorry Josh, don’t know what happened to your score card.  And Brandon and Amy paid for 4 entries, but only shot 2, so now the $ are working out correctly.  

Here are results from Saturday’s match.  Congratulations to Chris Clear who got all 40 silhouettes, but unfortunately he needed 200 shots to do it, so he was DQ’d.  But he did appear to have a good time with his new Volquartsen.  Congratulations to Donald Hale and Jeff Vicars on the high rifle score of 32. And I won the pistol, but my score was not totally legit since it included a lot of swingers because there were not enough free standing targets up and we were trying to finish up in a hurry.  So Brandon had the highest legit pistol score.  We may have lost some score cards; we had $ for 21 entries, but only 18 scores, so not sure about the others.  Also, I may have not interpreted some of the score cards correctly.  Sorry, we’ll improve this in the future.

Seemed like folks enjoyed this match and many were asking about doing it again.  Wayne and I discussed this and we see no practical way to shoehorn this match into our tight schedule as a separate, 4th 22 match.  We currently have our Modified Match (4th Saturday, beginning in March), Standing Match (2nd Tue afternoon, beginning in April), BenchRest Match (3rd Tue morning, beginning in April).  We will plan to have another ‘LongRange’ match, similar to this one, sometime in March and will send out info soon.  Also, we may try to incorporate a LongRange Match into our Standing Match since our participation in the Standing Match is low.  We would like feedback on this, so let Wayne or I know your thoughts and/or preferences.

This coming Sunday afternoon Kettlefoot is having their LongRange 22 Silhouette Match, starting at 1:00 pm.  Come up and join them, probably will be a few of us Cherokee shooters there.  

Thanks for the participation and help, see everyone soon.

2023 LongRange Silhouette Scores
1Chris Clear40-150
2Donald Hale320
3Jeff Vicars320
4Brad Snow301
5Jon Timbs300
6Amy McGhee282
7Wayne Fish280
8Jim Horton280
9Bob Forsyth280
10Trevor Morelock270
11Hannah Morelock261
12Jeff Hilton241
13Billy Jones230
1Brad Snow320
2Brandon McGhee270
3Jeff Vicars240
4Wayne Fish190
5Jim Horton130