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We are involved and active in issues concerning sportsmen and conservationists through our membership in and support of East Tennessee Sportsmen's Federation, Tennessee Conservation League and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency . Cherokee Rod & Gun Club is one of the strongest conservation interests in East Tennessee.




Proposed Club Bylaws vote scheduled at the regular club meeting on 12/2/2021.  For more information and a copy of the proposed bylaws, click here.

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Shotgun News Update 8/16/22

From Larry Dark: Howdy Just a quick note to remind you about the trophy shoot at Cherokee tomorrow. Paul Harper is preparing Pheasants for lunch! Sign up will be up on the hill at the pavilion starting at 9a. ld

Culvert Repair Help Needed

From Joe Young: Calling archery shooters (and anyone looking for service hours) to help with repairing the culvert at the vehicle entrance to the archery range sometime in September. We will be handling 50-pound bags of premixed concrete and cutting and driving rebar.  The day has not been set yet.  If you are willing to […]

Shotgun News 8/15/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy We have a special meal for our trophy shoot this week. Paul Harper is going to prepare pheasant.  Its not just anywhere you can go to get fed like this!!! Miss Kay is going to handle the trimmings so she can keep Harper in line. Im pretty sure we still have Shotshells […]

Black Powder 8/13/2022

From Jonathan Price: Attached are the scores from the August BPCR match.  Page 8 has today’s match scores, and page 13 has the yearly totals.

Shotgun News 8/10/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy Looks like i missed sending out the email this week. OOOps. Friday 8/12 *Arts old Codgers will be shooting trap and skeet up on the hill starting around 9a Saturday 8/13 *Wilderness Road will host the trophy shoot. A meal is provided. Sign ups start at 8:30 Sunday 8/14 Five stand. […]

Shotgun News 8/1/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy When Cherokee Shotgunners go off shooting in tournaments we don’t normally hear about the results, but last Saturday Iron Mountain Sporting Clays held a tournament. We had a couple members do well , Joe Hobbs tied for 3rd in D class and John Keith won D class with a 73. Congrats Guys! […]