Even More Info on .22 Long Range Match Feb 11th

From Brad Snow: Here are more details for next Saturday’s match.

We will shoot 40 silhouette targets:

                5 rams, 2 turkeys at 200 yards from bench

                5 turkeys, 1 pig, 1 chicken at 165 yards from bench

                4 pigs, 2 chickens at 125 yards from bench

                5 rams, 2 turkeys at 100 yards standing

                7 chickens at 75 meters from bench (our usual modified silhouette targets)

                1 ram, 2 turkeys, 2 pigs, 1 chicken at either 40 or 50 yards standing

Start at 200 yards and finish at 40 (or 50) yards

50 shots to shoot the 40 targets for score.  10 minutes at each range.  Sighter targets will be at each range, shoot as many sighters as you want within the 10 minutes, before you start shooting for score.  The sighter shots do not come from the 50 score shots.  No more sighters at a given range once you begin shooting for score.  At each range, you can continue shooting as long as you have:  shots left (from the 50), targets left, and time left; or you can save as many shots as you want for a later bank of targets.  The order in which you shoot targets in each bank doesn’t matter, if you miss a target, shoot at it again if you want.

Final score is Number of silhouettes down, Number of shots left from the 50.  The number of shots left only matters for tie breakers, sort of like X-count in BR.  A score of 40,0 beats 39,11. 

We plan to shoot free standing silhouettes, which means a lot of resetting targets (or not!!), so we will need everyone to pitch in and help.  If it is windy, we may need to improvise with some swingers rather than free standing targets. 

We will shoot 22 rifles and/or pistols.  Bring good ear protection.  Standard velocity ammo only.  You have to shoot the same firearm all of the way thru the match.

Hope to see you next Saturday.