Ladies Day 09/20/2021

From Linda Thorpe:

Ladies Day 2021 is only twelve days away! I hope you are excited. Thank you for being willing to help make it a success.  Later this week, I will send an email to all registered attendees to give them an idea of what to expect. Today we have 50 ladies registered, but September 25th is the last day to sign-up. 

Saturday October 2, 2021 

8:00 – Range Setup 

8:00-8:30—Registration for attendees 

8:30-9:20 – Safety Briefing/Basic Firearm information 

9:30 – Ladies rotate through shotgun, archery, lower range 

10:30 – Ladies rotate through shotgun, archery, lower range 

11:30-1:00 — Lunch for everyone–staff included 

1:00-2:00 — Final rotation through third station 

2:00 Cleanup/After Action Report 

Please share this information with your friends who are volunteers.  Not everyone gave me an email.  

See you October 2nd, rain or shine!