Shotgun News 11/27/2023

From Larry Dark: Howdy

We have a work day scheduled for 12/9/23 . This is going to be a pretty big job, we need to plant 55 trees on the new pistol range for noise abatement. Larry Costine and Joe Young will be heading the project. The plan is to have equipment to dig the holes and move the trees. We will still need a lot of help with removing the burlap and planting the trees. I know there has been a lot of interest in the new pistol range, so if you are a handgunner this is a great opportunity to get a little sweat equity in your new facilities. I will send out another email before the event with some tool recommendations.

Tuesday 11/28

*Open practice on the hill. Starts mid day and runs till mid afternoon

Friday 12/1

*Arts old Codgers will be shooting trap and skeet on the hill. Start 9:30a and shoot till around lunch time

Saturday 12/2

*Kettlefoot will host the trophy shoot. Signups start at 9a and a meal is available for an extra charge

*Unaka 5 stand starts at 10:30a and runs till shooters stop signing up. If you haven’t taken advantage of Unaka’s 5 stand…its a very nice course…shootable but certainly not a give me. If you like to shoot sporting clays, between Cherokee and Unaka’s 5 stands its a really good practice opportunity .

Range Duty

Saturday 12/2  Jeff Moller

Sunday    12/3  Mike Horner

Hope to see everyone around the range