Shotgun News 11/23/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy  

A couple notes …..Unaka has stopped having shoots this year.  When they start back i will send an email. This is , of course due to Covid and the rise in cases in our area. I would ask everyone to take care and keep distance, and if you feel bad stay home.   

Mark you calendars for next Friday Dec 4th….We have a load of targets scheduled for 9a. This is the way most of the shotgunners get their work hours. Cherokee has always had the kind of members that if we need help they’re on site and ready to go. By the way this time we have both orange and green targets on the truck.

Tuesday 11/24 Open practice on the hill. Ranges open by 4:30p     

Thursday 11/26 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Friday 11/27 Arts Old Codgers will be shooting some trap and skeet. They get started around 9:30a and shoot till mid day  

Saturday 11/28  Five stand Saturday. Ranges open by 9a . Rodney and the gang keep it open til folks stop showing up  

Hope to see everyone around the range be safe ld