Shotgun News 11/16/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy

I hope everyone is doing well. Its definitely  cooling off. I guess its from when I was a kid and I was either shooting dove, teal, quail, or duck or I was thinking about shooting one  of the above. Regardless a brisk morning makes me want to find a shotgun and shoot something.  We don’t have the opportunities to shoot game that I had as a kid. But we can all go to the range and shoot clay targets. And when we’re done we don’t have to clean birds. 

Tuesday 11/17 Open practice on the hill. Skeet and trap ranges open by 4:30 pm. 

Friday 11/20 Arts old Codgers will be shooting on the hill. They get started around 9:30a and shoot till mid day

Saturday 11/21 We have called off our trophy shoot for this month, due to an abundance of caution regarding the Corona Virus. Infection rates in our area have been on the increase the last few weeks. Hopefully things will calm down and we can feel better about having events that utilize the club house and meeting inside.

Sunday 11/22 Five Stand   …..Rodney said he wanted to open up and let folks come shoot if they wanted too. Range open by 12p and will close when customers stop coming. Bring lots of shells and get on a squad.

Every one please keep this virus in mind , we have a lot of older guys that love to shoot. If you feel bad….stay home. Keep your distance stay safe, but have a good time. We cant stop living because of this but we can try to avoid catching it.

hope to see everyone around the range ld

Correction to Sunday 11/22

From Larry Dark:


In my last email , I noted this coming Sunday 11/22 as Five Stand……………..Wrong. The schedule hasn’t changed since i began shooting at Cherokee in 2010. Its 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday . I will attempt to be more accurate in the future (but don’t count on too much)

By the way Art told me the ranges will be open this Saturday. The trophy shoot is cancelled but not shotgunning.