Shotgun News 11/14/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy

The weather has apparently cooled off. This does not slow dedicated shotgunners. Powder still burns and targets will break. Unless the roads are bad or its raining, you will probably find someone out shooting at the little flying saucers. 

Tuesday 11/15

*Open practice on the hill

Friday 11/18

*Arts old Codgers will be shooting on the hill . They get started around 9:30a and shoot till mid day

Saturday 11/19

*Cherokee will host the trophy shoot. Sign up 9a till 10:30a. Shooting starts as soon as the first squad is ready. A meal is provided. 

Sunday 11/30

*Unaka will have their 5 stand up and running at 1p. If you havent shot at unaka….their 5 stand complements ours very well. They dont have any crazy long stuff and even the speed of the targets arent too fast, but boy do they move. They have a lot of curving and banking shots. If you shoot both five stands , I would think you should not have any trouble at most sporting clays ranges.

Range duty

no one scheduled

hope to see everyone around the range