Shotgun News 1/6/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy


The weather the last couple weeks has not been super for shotgunning. Hopefully we will have a little more cooperation from the weatherman this week.

We’ve  had  several new members to Cherokee rod and gun club in the last month. I want to say Welcome and I hope you will come and take advantage of our , ever growing and improving shotgun program. If your new to shotgunning at Cherokee  a great time to get involved is during our open practices and Five Stand events. No matter you experience level , the members here are more than willing to help you get started. I think you have joined the best club in the region (personal bias of course) . At Cherokee you can have your own keys to all of our shotgun facilities , that means you can come out and shoot trap or skeet any time you wish during our normal shooting hours. New keys for 2020 will be passed out in February. I will send updates on the exact day as it gets a little closer.

Following is how you get your keys

  • Be trained on the machines and cash drop procedures (any member with keys can do this for you)
  • 5.00 Key Charge
  • Sign up to keep range open 8 hrs. This can be done on a Saturday or two Sunday afternoons (this does not go toward your 4 hr maintenance hours)

Tuesday 1/7 *Open practice on the hill , ranges open by 4:30p

Friday 1/10 *Arts old Codgers will be showing off their abilities with the smooth bore. They will get started by 9:30a till the geritol wears off around mid day. If your off you should come take part. This is one of the best times for new shooters to come out and get started. There’s decades of experience here to help you get your feet wet.

Saturday 1/11 *Our friends at Wilderness Road will host the Trophy Shoot. Sign ups are 8:30 till 10:30a . A meal is provided

Sunday 1/12 *Five Stand.  The fields will be set up and ready for shooters at Noon. We will shoot till everyone runs out of shells or interest (usually around 3p or so) This is one of my favorite events we have. 5 stand is a practice course for sporting clays. If you haven’t shot our 5 stand you owe it to yourself to give it a try. We have presentations from a rabbit on the ground to high Passover shots. For newer shooters , a skeet or improved cylinder choke is adequate for a 12 ga and if  you shoot a 20 I would probably tighten up a little to an Improved Cylinder or Light Modified. If you want to shoot a 28 or 410 your shooting above my pay grade so your on your own for chokes.

 I hope to see everyone around the range ld