Workday Saturday 4/30/2022

From Larry Dark:Howdy

Just a reminder for our club wide work day on Saturday. Check in at the clubhouse and we will get everyone directed and get to work. There are several projects lined out for the day ….one of which is re graveling the skeet paths. A few rakes and shovels might come in handy. I think there is some brush to clear , so chainsaws would be good as well. Be sure to grab gloves and eye protection . Might be a good idea to grab a gun…there’s no way it should take all day. By the way, last workday it rained. We still worked and got an amazing amount accomplished . I think they are forecasting some scattered showers for Saturday, but unless its a washout we will still work.

Joe sent me a message that he has two pallets of SHOTGUN SHELLS  on the way. Still waiting for the trucking company to confirm  on delivery , but they will run 85.00 per flat.

hope to see everyone around the range ld