Shotgun News 6/7/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy

We all like to play…but now its time to work a little. Our facilities have had some major updates and improvements in the last few years as you all know. We need some serious maintenance and general TLC on our fields.

We haven’t scheduled a club wide work day for shotgun since Ive been at Cherokee . Our fearless leader Paul Key has come up with a work list of things we need to do, he also wants input from everyone else on things they see that needs to be done. This list is already pretty big, but if need be we can schedule another day later on, so be sure you send in your suggestions. I will take your suggestions here  and add them to the list.(please email directly to me and not reply all)  Paul will prioritize the list on the work day and we will break into work parties and attack the list separately. I’m sending this out well in advance of the scheduled work day so we can think about what we will need to have there as far as supplies , tools, etc. We are all very proud of our facilities at Cherokee and now we need to dress them up and make them look good.

We are Scheduling the work day for Saturday 6-29-19 this is a fifth Saturday so there is no scheduled shoots that will conflict with the work day. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us. Any tools you can bring will be appreciated. I know we can have a good crew and get a lot done. Following is the list Paul sent me. I will send out emails closer to the date.

Thanks ld

Listed below is a list of projects that I can think of for work day:  

  • back fill gravel in new handicap lanes   . need gravel, your front end loader, shovels and rakes, and maybe wheel barrows
  • Move fence closer to skeet range giving handicap shooters some right angle room   .need shovels, post hole digger. and maybe your loader to pull post out of ground
  • seal new concrete handicap lanes   .need sealer and rollers on long handles
  • seal wood stairs and fences on both skeet ranges   need sealer, maybe spray system to apply and/or brushes and rollers
  • paint yardage markers in both trap ranges   .Need white paint, number stencils, brushes
  • Repaint trap houses green   .Need green paint, brushes and rollers
  • repair doors on both trap houses   .Need drill motor and bit to move hasp on lower trap door to location where cement block in unbroken. Longer or better screws to reattach hinges at bottom of door on upper trap
  • Remove scrub bushes near upper skeet house on far skeet range   .Need chain saw or even an axe
  • Bush hog slope in front of lower trap range   .Need Larry’s new toy
  • Repair/tune Pat-Trap to eliminate occasional hard right targets   .correct instructions to re-time pinion and new brush (Paul Key has these)
  • Check all machines for correct velocity and “hooping” performance   .Need radar gun (Paul Key has one)  

Other shooters may have things to add also. Spreading the work and getting the right tools there may be a challenge. I’ll get paint, sealer, brushes and rollers, etc.   What do you think?   Paul