Shotgun News 6/20/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy

I’m sure you’ve noticed the new Promatic Card readers on the skeet and trap fields. These are being tested and de-bugged at the moment. The plan is to make cards available in July, then go live with the system the first of August. After the system goes live a card will be necessary  to shoot trap or skeet. Five stand will be on a cash basis as it has in the past.

  • There is a 5.00 deposit on the card (if you turn your card back in you get your deposit back)
  • You can load as many targets on your card as you wish (keep in mind if you loose your card…your targets are lost)
  • For each round loaded there is 27 targets to account for breakage, proof pair, failure to fire etc. Each squad of 5 will have 10 extra targets per round.

Trophy Shoots and special events will be run on a master club card. The members that will be trained to issue cards and add targets are Joe Trujillo, Charlie Dove, Rodney Meade, Bob Minke

Upcoming Event……July 30 is a 5th Saturday . Cherokee will host and Ironman shoot.  These are a lot of fun and it helps to practice (some of us suck at some of the disciplines) 25 skeet 25 trap 26 doubles trap 25 five stand

I want to welcome new members. If you are new to our club or maybe just starting to get interested in shooting shotguns , Welcome. We have several opportunities to shoot each week. It doesn’t matter your skill level , come on out and get involved . If you need some coaching just ask, most people are more than happy to help. 

Tuesday 6/21 Open practice on the hill. Trap and skeet fields open by 2p

Friday 6/24 Arts old Codgers will be on the hill shooting trap and skeet. They get started around 9a and shoot till mid day. If your off on Fridays they welcome you to join in on the fun.

Saturday 6/25 Five Stand ….Rodney, John, and Tony, put in a lot of time on five stand to make it fun for all to shoot. If you’ve not been introduced to this game….its basically a practice course for sporting clays. All of the presentations are the sort you would see on a sporting clays course, Rabbit , springing teal, chondel , quarter in, quarter out etc. Rodney is also hosting a running league of sorts. He keeps the scores and if you shoot 3 rounds in the month , prizes are given for the top places. Bring your shells and get on a squad.

Keys are still available for the shotgun facilities. If you have a key you can shoot anytime  during posted shooting hours.  All you need to do is be trained on the equipment (any keyholder can do this for you) 5.00 fee for the key 8 hours of range duty during the year

Range duty for this weekend Saturday 6/25 no one scheduled Sunday  6/26  Craig Denison

hope to see everyone around the range ld