Shotgun News 5/14/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy

Tuesday 5/14 Open Practice on the hill. We will have the ranges open by 4:30 p and will shoot trap and skeet. If you are a newer shooter and want to get started breaking clays…this is a great time to do that. Everyone will be more than happy to help folks get started.

Thursday 5/16 youth practice. starts at 5p. There is always fields available for general membership.

Friday 5/17 Arts Old Codgers will be on the hill shooting both targets and “the bull” They may drop a target or two along the way, but their scores in shooting the bull are always at professional level. If your off on Fridays and want to shoot some , they will welcome you to participate . This is also a great time to get started if your new to the clay target game. There will be years of experience on the field and they are more than happy to share their wisdom.

Saturday 5/18 Cherokee Rod and Gun will host the monthly tournament . Sign ups are from 9a till 11a in the clubhouse. A meal will be served. We shoot two rounds of trap and or two rounds of skeet. You can shoot one or both (but to be in the running for high gun overall you must shoot both) We have discounted rates for youth 16 and under. Come on out and shoot.
We have a lot of opportunities for shotgunners to break targets and get in a lot of practice and fellowship. Come on out and get involved.

There is a lot of work and improvements going on right now. If you haven’t seen the upper trap field , it now has the concrete poured for the handicap lanes. Paul Key is working to get our trap fields certified for ATA so we can register targets and maybe start having some ATA shoots.

We just received our new wireless releases to set up our five stand. This will enable us to set the course up very quickly and easily. It currently takes 2 hrs to set it up every time we shoot 5 stand. Bobby and Rodney have been putting in lots of hours getting our 5 stand machines wired to power so setup will be quick and we can even shoot a practice evening or maybe a league with 5 stand.

Every thing that is done at Cherokee is strictly done by Volunteers (I don’t mean UT alumni) No one is paid, its just club members that want to make our club better for our membership. If you see some of these guys out on the range ….let them know you appreciate their efforts.

hope to see everyone around the range