Shotgun News 2/23/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy

Looks like a nice week coming up , other than a little soggy. I ran out to the club yesterday and there was a good turnout. When you have a case of cabin fever and get a beautiful Sunday afternoon…..some clay targets are gonna die!!

Just a couple notes

  • We will start our big 50 ATA shoots coming up on March 8th
  • We hope to start our Trophy shoots back in March. We are watching the covid numbers and will update later.
  • If you haven’t gotten your keys for 2021 there are still plenty of spots on the calendar available.
  • Joe is sending me the calendar for range duty on the weekends and i will be posting that on the email 

Tuesday 2/23 Open practice on the hill . A lot of the guys are showing up mid afternoon so the ranges will be open 

Friday 2/26 Arts old Codgers will be shooting trap and skeet . Ranges open by 9:30a and they shoot till mid day

Saturday 2/27 Five stand….they guys will have the field ready by 9a and will be open until the shooters stop coming. This is generally 3p or so….but if you want to make them earn their money …just keep coming, they will stay open as long as we have shooters wanting  to break clays. Rodney, Tony, and John really put a lot into the 5 stand and the only pay they get is our thanks, don’t forget to let them know you appreciate their efforts. 

If you’ve not shot our five stand , it can be a humbling experience but its a lot of fun and when you start breaking some targets it can be very rewarding. I have people ask me about chokes. You can break most of the targets with a skeet choke. I prefer a little tighter for the “edge on shots” where the target doesn’t show you any back or belly. I have been using Improved Cylinder and Light Modified in my over under and if I shoot a semi  i go with the IC. When in doubt I will err on the side of a tighter choke. Bring lots of shells and get on a squad.


Hope to see everyone around the range Be safe ld