Shotgun News 11/18/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy

This past Saturday we had our trophy shoot and our first ATA big 50. Wow, it was a great success. I don’t know how many people participated in each event , but Paul Key counted 75 in the clubhouse at one time! I don’t know if there were more folks outside at that time or not. I saw many new faces and some that hadn’t been out in a long time. The meal was excellent and the weather looked like it had been custom ordered. Many thanks to everyone that put in all the work and time to make it happen. It looks like the Big 50 will be here to stay.

Tuesday 11/19  *Open Practice on the hill. Ranges will be open by 4:30P . We shoot trap and skeet

Friday 11/22 *Arts Old Codgers will be up on the hill sharpening there skills with a shotgun. They get started by 9:30 and shoot till mid day. If your off come out and get in a few rounds.

Saturday 11/23 *5 stand. Rodney and Bobby will be ready for business by about 9a . This has become a first rate five stand. If you  haven’t tried it yet, come on out and bring lots of shells.

Hope to see everyone around the range ld