Shotgun News 10/23/2023

From Larry Dark: Howdy

To the new adds to the shotgun news email….Welcome! If you have any questions “shotgun” I will be happy to answer what I can, if I don’t know we will find someone that does.

*We still have 12ga ammo at the clubhouse. The cost is 85.00 per 10 box flat. If you need some..please try to bring exact change.

Results from last weeks Trophy Shoot

High Gun Overall    Charlie Dove 98/100

High Skeet               Larry Dark      47/50

High Trap                 Geroge Reece Jr   48/50

                        Trap                                                                          Skeet

AA             Bobby Marshall                                                        No AA

A               Tim Fields                                                                  George Reece Sr

B              Gus Myers                                                                  Jim Winn

C               Terry Murray                                                             Ken Zollman

D              No D                                                                            Steve Dula

Congrats to all of the winners and thanks to everyone that participated.

Tuesday 10/24

*Open practice on the hill. They get started mid day and run till mid afternoon

Friday 10/27

*Arts old codgers will be shooting trap and skeet up on the hill. They start at 9:30a and shoot till lunchtime….(thats when the geritol wears off)

Saturday 10/28

*4th Saturday Five Stand. Rodney , John, and Tony put a lot of work into our 5 stand. They will have it up and running by 9am and will keep it open until shooters stop signing up. If you have not shot the 5 stand, its a practice course for sporting clays. You have presentations like rabbits, teal, dove, and I really dont know what the chandelles are supposed to be but they are fun to shoot. Bring lots of shells and get signed up on a squad. If you havent shot five stand just let someone know and they can walk you through a round or two so you know where the targets are coming from.

Range Duty

Saturday 10/28  Nathan Hiebert

Sunday    10/29  Jim Winn

When you see someone has range duty, they are doing this service for their keys to the trap and skeet facilities. Its really boring sitting there all day if there’s not any shooters. They will have the ranges open so come on out and get in some practice

hope to see everyone around the range