Shotgun News 1/30/2023

From Larry Dark:


*One of the things coming up this spring…..

Our Tuesday evening practices have turned into mid day shoots and everyone is gone by mid afternoon. As many of you remember we had a great turnout of people wanting to shoot after they got off work. To make it better for some of us slobs that still work for a living we are looking at maybe starting a short skeet league or maybe even a doubles skeet league. It would start around 4:30p and would be running when most people got off work. If you have interest or suggestions please let Bob Minke or myself, Larry Dark know and we will try to get something going.

*IF you haven’t renewed your membership….please get on it. Gates and keys will be changed the end of February. You can renew in person at the meeting or online (online works well and was very easy)

*We still have shotgun shells available at the clubhouse for 85.00 per flat.

Tuesday 1/31

Open practice on the hill. Right now most people are getting to the range very early and leaving by mid afternoon. 

Thursday 2/2

Cherokee Rod and Gun Club monthly meeting. Meeting starts at 7p. A meal is available.

Friday 2/3

Arts old Codgers will be shooting trap and skeet on the hill starting around 9:30 and running till mid day

Saturday 2/4

Kettlefoot will host the trophy shoot  . Signups start at 9a . A meal is available

Unaka will have their 5 stand open by 10:30 A. 

Range Duty

No one Scheduled

Hope to see everyone around the range