Modified Silhouette Match 4/4/2022

From Brad Snow:

April (March Re-schedule to April 4) 2022 Modified Silhouette Match

Our second 2022 Modified Silhouette Match … Monday afternoon, Arpil 4, re-schedule of the March match, but then we had the March match anyway.  Good turnout today for a re-scheduled afternoon match, 16 shooters.  Little windy, but great weather compared with last week’s March match.  Hannah Morelock and Brandon McGhee tied at 34, but since Hannah did better on the smaller and more distant bench targets, she was declared the winner.  Several shooters close on their heels with 33 and 32.  Robby Gudger became the first shooter this year to clean the bench targets, great shooting Robby.  And Brandon wins the standing this match with a great 18.  Amy McGhee cleaned the Rams today, excellent shooting Amy.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and shooting, setting up and cleaning up.  Hope to see you Tuesday, April 12 for our first NRA Standing Silhouette match this year, and then again on the  4th Saturday of April for our modified match.  Scores are below for this match and for the year and a summary spreadsheet is also attached.  

April 4 Match  
1Hannah Morelock341816
2Brandon McGhee341618
3Jeff Vicars331914
4Brad Snow331815
5Jim Horton331617
6Robby Gudger322012
7Chris Clear291415
8Mark Harrison281711
9Wayne Fish27189
10Trevor Morelock271413
11Amy McGhee271017
12Tim Lee25187
13Jimmy Larkin241311
14Bob Forsyth22148
15Bill Davis20137
16Steve Morris17125
2022 Modified Silhouette Totals
Row LabelsNumberMatchesSum of TotalSum of BenchSum of StandingHighTotalHighStanding
Jeff Vicars26637293315
Brad Snow26535303315
Brandon McGhee26024363418
Jim Horton25630263317
Amy McGhee24719282717
Steve Morris24326172612
Seth Cassel13617193619
Donald Hale13517183518
Hannah Morelock13418163416
Robby Gudger13220123212
Josiah deLeon13013173017
Chris Clear12914152915
Mark Harrison12817112811
Wayne Fish127189279
Trevor Morelock12714132713
Tim Lee125187257
Jimmy Larkin12413112411
David Humphrey12311122312
Bob Forsyth122148228
Bill Davis120137207
Grand Total267293883413619