Military Match 5/18/2019

Good afternoon all,

We had a beautiful day today, started out in the low 60s, topped out around 83.  It was getting a bit hot if you had on jeans by the end of the day.  Turnout was light – which usually happens this time of year with sports and vacations, but we made up for it with fun.

During the match, it looked as though it could have been a Disney movie.  Four turkeys and a deer wandered across the range at various times.

We also played confuse the score keeper this afternoon.  So if I have anything scored in the wrong category, please let me know so I can correct it.

I got the match results posted on Practiscore by 1:32 this afternoon, but I did have to go back and fix a couple of things. For those not familiar with Practiscore, you go to and scroll down to ‘view scores’ with the trophy icon.

Click on it search for the match name. 

As you start typing in, the search results will narrow.  I’ll try and remember to always start the match names with ‘CRGC Military’  You’ll see two links currently.

Click on the May 18th match  and you’ll see the 5 matches we shot today.

Click on the a review link, and you’ll get the detail scores

One thing I like about it is not only do you get the total points for everyone that shot, you can tell the number of hits in each scoring ring.  Click what I’ve highlighted in yellow to return to the overall match, then click review for the match you’d like the details for.

Since we’re shooting two ten shot strings for pistols, you can also tell how you did in each string.  I’ll try and figure out how to change NRA Pistol to String 1 and String 2, but you get the idea

If anybody has any corrections or questions, please let me know.

Brian Sims, Match Director