22 Modified Silhouette Match Results 7/30/2023

From Brad Snow: Here are results from last Saturday’s match.  My recent distribution lists have disappeared, this one is a very old one.  Wayne, could you forward to your recent list, some people may end up getting two copies.

Congratulations to Asher Hurd on a great 39 + 4, got all 4 bonus targets, missed only a single turkey, great shooting Young Man!  And congratulations to both Jim and Hannah, tied with a 37, Jim wins the shootoff, and he also won on bonus target count 4 to 3, so I guess we declare him the 2nd place winner behind Asher.  Great shooting Jim and Hannah.

Scores are below, thanks for all of the help and participation, see everyone soon.

July4th Sat  Bonus
1Asher Hurd39192040
2Jim Horton37201740
3Hannah Morelock37191830
4Brad Snow36201640
5Billy Jones34201440
6Jeff Vicars33171640
7Trevor Morelock33181530
8Bently Broadwater32141840
9Chris Clear32201230
10Mark Harrison32191320
11Rex Cole30191120
12Larry Cunningham30171310
13Travis Bledsoe27151220
14Dan Helton27161110
15Bob Forsyth2417720
16Wayne Fish2418620
17Allie Bledsoe21111000
18Bill Davis1810820
2023 Modified Silhouette Totals
Yearly Totals
Row LabelsNumberMatchesSum of TotalSum of BenchSum of StandingHighMatchHighStandingSum of BonusSum of ShellsLeft
Brad Snow517997823718151
Hannah Morelock516788793718122
Jim Horton516585803717121
Chris Clear516591743418110
Billy Jones515796613414141
Trevor Morelock51578671331570
Jeff Vicars413774633718100
Bob Forsyth513787503012120
Mark Harrison41176651321471
Donald Hale41146450341540
Wayne Fish41046935311170
Jon Timbs3995742361640
Brandon McGhee3974948341860
Larry Cunningham3974948351930
Bill Davis481542726830
Amy McGhee3784434311440
Dan Helton3775027271130
Asher Hurd2753540392082
Rex Cole2623923321240
Dennis Rutledge2623725321420
Travis Bledsoe2523121271240
Ada Timbs2482226312060
Edward Phillips248351326800
Donita White4411031121100
Allie Bledsoe2402020211030
Aiden Phillips1361719361930
Lance Rutledge1341816341630
Bently Broadwater1321418321840
Will Jones1301515301520
Corey McCarty1291712291210
Josiah deLeon1281414281420
Jim Morris1261115261510
Jenfrey Gudger12516925900
Brayden Phillips12019120110
Malachi deLeon115213151300
Grand Total9828311578125339201788