22 Long Range Silhouette Results 7/30/2023

From Brad Snow: Here are results from last Monday’s Long Range Match.  My recent distribution list has been lost, this is a very old one.  Wayne, can you forward to your recent list.  — Thanks Brad.

Never include an Outsider.  Congratulations Russ Pope, wins this match big time, and sets a new match record.  We’ll be sure to let you know when we shoot again, don’t call us, we’ll call you!

2023 LongRange Silhouette Scores
1Russ Pope406
2Jim Horton373
3Brad Snow360
4Tom Murray340
5Sam Morelock330
6Bob Forsyth330
7Cory McCarty320
8Bobby Gudger290
9Larry Cunningham290
10Wayne Fish281
11Jef f Vicars250
12Bill Davis110
2023 Totals
Row LabelsNumberMatchesSumTotalSumShellsLeftHighMatch
Tom Murray5160540
Brad Snow5155038
Jim Horton5115337
Larry Cunningham4112133
Steve Morris4104033
Dale Cauthen391035
Bill Davis491032Standing 1st 4 matches
Wayne Fish376128
Chris Clear273037
Bob Forsyth259033
Sam Morelock258033
Jeff Vicars258031
Donald Hale256029
Russ Pope140640
Billy Jones137037
Phil Trantum137037
Cory McCarty132032
Brandon McGhee132032
Bobby Gudger129029
Sammy Morelock128028
Tim Gardner127027
Jef f Vicars125025
Corey Mccarty123023
Jenfrey Gudger119019
Grand Total5415371640