Vandalism at the Club

This was found on the range in the past few days.  If you have any information on who did it, please let the board of directors know by using the contact form at  As our bylaws state in Article IX Section 2,

Any person(s) trespassing, hunting, poaching or vandalizing Club property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The Club will pay a reward to anyone providing information leading to the arrest and conviction of trespassers, poachers, or vandals on Club property.

The club paid for the sign, volunteers took the time and made the effort to install it.  We do not want the person or persons that did this as a members of the club or on our club property.  Even if they claim it was an accident (with seven holes I don’t see how) they were not aware of one of the fundamental firearm handling rules.  Know your target and what’s beyond it.  If you did this, please don’t come back to the club and don’t renew next year.

Even if you don’t know who did this particular act of stupidity, if you see anyone vandalizing or abusing club property, please let us know.