Special New Member’s Safety Orientation 6/16/2021 6pm

There will be a special new member safety orientation held 6/16/2021 at 6pm in the main club house. The gate will open at 5:30, if you arrive early, please don’t block the driveway. The orientation will begin at 6pm sharp.

We voted in 7 or 9 new members at the meeting last Thursday night. There were no applications rejected. Our policy is we don’t contact you unless there is a problem. But as a courtesy, we’ve been sending out welcoming emails for about the last year. However, I don’t have the names and addresses of those voted on last week, so those haven’t been sent yet and there are email bounces from time to time where we couldn’t read the address on the application.

If your application should have been in our PO box by May 28th and you’ve not heard from us, then you are welcome to attend this orientation. This also includes those that were voted in earlier this year and have not yet been able to attend an orientation. You cannot receive a gate card until you attend and orientation in its entirety.