Letter of Appreciation from the President

Volunteer Work Day
Letter from President Joe Trujillo

As you may know we had our Volunteer Work Day this past Saturday, December 2, 2023. I woke up that morning and was so discouraged due to the weather being so terrible! Forecast called for rain and then some more rain! Terrible weather for planting trees and getting some work done at the club.

Disheartened I headed to the club not knowing what the day would bring. I am here to tell you, CHEROKEE GUN CLUB MEMBERS SHOWED UP! We had 41 members spend their Saturday morning in the pouring rain and frigid temperatures to plant 55 trees. The trees look great and I am so honored and proud to be a member at this gun club. I wanted to reach out to all that volunteered and express my sincere gratitude for each of you. The club looks great and all of our projects are coming along nicely. Thank you again to all that make this gun club the best it can be.

Joe Trujillo