Club Elections 6/3/2021

The club held elections tonight that had been delayed since December because of COVID-19 restrictions. The officers were elected to an eighteen month term in order to get the election calendar back on schedule in Dec 2022. There will not be an election in Dec 2021. The new officers and board of directors are:

Officers – June 2021-Dec 2022

  • President – Joe Trujilo
  • 1st Vice President – Wayne Fish
  • 2nd Vice President – Paul Key
  • Secretary – Ken Johnson
  • Assistant Secretary – Goldie Cross
  • Accounts Receivable Treasurer – Rodney Meade
  • Assistant Accounts Receivable Treasurer – Open
  • Accounts Payable Treasurer – Brian Chandler
  • Assistant Accounts Payable Treasurer – April Mumpower
  • Chaplin – Tommy Snapp
  • Assistant Chaplin – Ami Williams
  • Stores Officer – Steve Sharp
  • Sergeant at Arms – Jim Watson
  • Director at Large – Terry Fletcher
  • NRA Director – Linda Thorpe
  • Past President – Bob Camponovo

Board Of Directors Term Jan 2020-Dec 2022

Because Joe Trujilo moved to president, his remaining Board of Directors term through December 2022 has been filled by George Reese Jr. Other board members elected for the Jan 2020-Dec 2022 term and remaining in their positions are Kevin Crowe, Allan Fish, Stanley Fish and Kregg Klingman.

Board of Directors Term June 2021-Dec 2023

The board members that were elected to their Jan 2018-Dec 2020 terms served an extra six months due to COVID-19 delaying elections that were supposed to happen in Dec 2020. Those members were Wayne Starnes, Larry Costine, Ramona Fletcher, Ron Ligon and Steve Boyd. CRGC thanks them for their extra service. Their replacements were elected to June 2021-Dec 2023 terms to get the Board of Director terms back in line for the normal December elections. The current Board of Directors serving through Dec 2023 that were elected tonight are

  • Wayne Starnes
  • Larry Costine
  • Ramona Fletcher
  • Tim Field
  • Steve Boyd

Board of Directors Term Jan 2022-Dec 2024

The 5 Board of Directors currently serving their term from Jan 2019 – Dec 2021 are Paul Harper, Ray Bell, Brian Sims, Dennis Rutledge and Larry Dark. They remain board members through Dec 2021 and would have been replaced this December at the end of their terms. Since there will not be elections held in December this year, in order to get the office terms and elections back on schedule, the following were elected to Board of Director positions now but will not take office until Jan 2022.

  • Paul Harper
  • Ray Bell
  • Brian Sims
  • Larry Dark
  • Derek Silvis

Past President Bob Camponovo

Cherokee Rod and Gun Club extends its thanks to Bob for all the very hard work he’s put in for many years. Bob, thank you.