22LR Benchrest

From Steve Pennington:   We had a good morning of shooting for this months match.  It was a smaller than average crowd, but there were excellent scores shot.  Thank you for your help in setting up and taking down the target stands.

  In the open sight class, Mark Harrison continued to shoot great as he edged out second place Claude Pennington by 1X.  Claude shot his personal best score in the class, congratulations !

  In sporter class Cody Dockery won, edging out Dennis Rutledge. It was great to see Cody and Dennis come out and shoot with us again.  

  Target class was won by Claude Pennington, by X count over Cody Dockery.

  The inaugural Semi Auto class was won by Dan Helton with Claude Pennington close in second.

  In unlimited class Mark Harrison edged out Jim Horton in a close second only edgeing him out by X-Count.



  1. Mark Harrison                    250-20x
  2. Claude Pennington            250-19x
  3. Jim Horton                         246-10x
  4. Dennis Rutledge                240-3x


  1. Cody Dockery                     250-11x
  2. Dennis Rutledge                 248-3x
  3. Dan Helton                          244-5x
  4. Bill Davis                             241-3x


  1. Claude Pennington             250-17x
  2. Cody Dockery                     250-8x
  3. Dan Helton                          250-7x
  4. Mark Harrison                     240-6x
  5. Dennis Rutledge                 222-2x

Semi Auto

  1. Dan Helton                          249-7x
  2. Claude Pennington              248-5x
  3. Mark Harrison                     240-6x


  1. Mark Harrison                      250-17x
  2. Jim Horton                           250-11x
  3. Claude Pennington              250-11x

The next match will be May 21 with set up starting at 8:00 am.  I look forward to seeing you all at the range.