18 New Families Join CRGC 12/23/2020

The Officers and Board of Directors have approved the slate of candidates for the last half of December. Those 18 families have been sent an welcoming email, but at least two of the addresses bounced. If you think you were on the ballot this time and you did not get a welcoming email, please contact us by using the form at https://cherokeerodandgunclub.com/contactmembership/

The following is the email that was sent to the families

Subject: Welcome to Cherokee Rod and Gun club, your application was approved by the officers and board of directors

We’d like to inform you that your application has been accepted into membership at Cherokee Rod and Gun Club.

To receive your gate card, you must attend one of the new member safety orientation meetings in its entirety.  They are currently being held the 2nd and 4th Sunday of them month for December through February.

This orientation is Sunday, December 27th.  The gate will be opened at 1:30, closed back at 1:45 and the orientation will start at 2pm sharp in the main club house.  If you arrive before the gate is opened, please do not block it.  If you will be unable to attend this orientation, you can keep track of the next dates by going to the club’s calendar https://calendar.yahoo.com/crgcmember/cadc6638d1692b30048bef3569a6fbab?od=131  If you are unable to attend this Sunday’s orientation, the next available orientation is scheduled for January 10th.

At the orientation, you will receive a copy of the club’s green rule book.  A copy may also be download at any time from the club’s website from the information, safety, bylaws, rules page. https://cherokeerodandgunclub.com/information/

Your membership is a family membership meaning your spouse, if you have one, and your children that still live at home or are in school and are not in the workforce may freely come to the range with the club member.  If your family members want to use the range without the club member present, then they must also attend a safety orientation before they do so.  Children under 18 years old but over 16 may use the range once their orientation is documented and the club has a copy of their completed “Approved Hunter Safety Course” certificate/card.  It is recommended that you bring your spouse and children (if they can sit quietly through a 20 minute video) so your entire family’s training and documentation can be done at one time – and marked on your card.

Your gate card can be picked up after the safety orientation.  It will take a few minutes to produce the cards once the orientation is completed.  You may shoot Sunday afternoon after the orientation – until 5pm at which time the range shuts down, no exceptions.  This will be emphasized during the orientation.


Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s Executive order 70 does allow for social gatherings of over ten people in section 2b if the following steps are taken.  You must stay together with your household group of no more than 10 people and each group must stay at least 6 feet away from other groups.  There is ample room in the club house to achieve this.  When you arrive, please do not congregate in the door way and take your seats maintaining at least 6 feet between groups. 

We also ask that you wear a mask once you get near the entrance to the time that you exit after the orientation.

There is an attached COVID waiver to this email.  Please print it and fill one out for each member of your family that will be attending.  If you do not have a printer, there will be blank forms available when you arrive.  You cannot attend the orientation without a waiver.

Email List

I will add your email addresses to the club’s MailChimp distribution list, you may unsubscribe from the list by using the link at the bottom when you receive your first email.  If you want the club’s emails to go to other addresses, please sign them up at https://mailchi.mp/0b0c79b9c6a7/crgc_signup .  We do not bombard you with emails, we only use it to make announces for important events like Lady’s Day registration being opened, online membership renewal is live, meeting cancellations due to weather or recently COVID19, gate lock being changed, etc. You were blind copied so as to not to share your address.  If you have any questions, you may reply to this email and the members of the membership committee – who are in the to field, reply to all – will get back with you.

Thank you for your support and membership at CRGC.

Covid Waiver