Work Day – Rehab of Lower shotgun range clays shed 08/10/2021

Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2021
Start time: 8:30
Stop time: When finished
Project: Repair and paint lower shotgun range clays storage shed

Project scope: clear stacks of firewood from near shed to allow access for painting
Remove damaged trim wood and replace
Caulk as needed
Paint base color cream and trim color burgundy (like clubhouse)

Notes: All materials are on site.
Chop saw, drill, paint rollers/covers, paint brushes, step ladder will be provided

Four (4) persons should be adequate to complete in short order
May need hornet/wasp killer
Paint sprayer would help if anyone could bring one
May tackle light repairs to shed at lower pistol range if personnel are available.

POC: George Thorpe

If you are available, this does count as service hours.