Web Page Updates 1/12/2021

There’s been two changes made to the club’s website. Hopefully they don’t give anyone issues, but if they do please let us know.

The first minor change is there’s been an MeWe social media link added at the bottom of each page in the footer beside the existing Facebook link. It looks like two ..’s. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to Cherokee’s MeWe page.

The second change is a higher resolution version of the New Members Safety Orientation video has been uploaded to Rumble.com and linked into the page in case YouTube decides to take down the old video during the Great Purge of 2021.

Our orientation page: https://cherokeerodandgunclub.com/safetyorientation/

Direct link to the higher resolution video in case there’s a temporary caching issue: https://rumble.com/vcpeaj-cherokee-rod-and-gun-club-new-member-safety-orientation.html?mref=e39ld&mc=acfg7

Please let us know if you have any issues with the changes.