Shotgun Update 3/12/2019

From Larry Dark


Just a little update on some things coming up at Cherokee

We have a load of Targets coming in on 3/22 between 9 and 10am . We need all available hands to off load the truck. This is how most of the shotgunners get their club hours. I will send out another reminder next week. Thank you in advance.

This month we have five Saturdays. George Jr has a pretty cool day planned. As I’ve been told we will have a shoot similar to a trophy shoot. The differences are Trap will be 25 targets from the 16yd line and 25 from the 24 yard line. Skeet will be a version of skeet doubles, not sure of the exact format but we will find out. Paul will have sandwiches for lunch. You know fifth Saturday is always interesting and this one will certainly be up to those standards. I know this is a longer than normal notice but I will add these to the next week email as well.

Hope to see everyone around the range