Shotgun News

This is copied from an email sent out by Larry Dark to his shotgun list with news for the spring season.

All Scheduled Events Are Weather Permitting this time of Year!!!

Tuesday 2/12/19 Open Practice on the hill. The range is open by 4:30p till everyone gets enough .

Friday 2/15 Arts Old Farts will take the hill to sharpen their skills with the smoothbore. Everyone is welcome to come and join in on the fun. This is a great time to get in a few rounds if you can get off work on Friday mornings. They will be ready to shoot by 9:30a and will continue till around noon

Saturday 2/16 Cherokee will host the monthly tournament . There will be a meal served. I think maybe beef / vegetable stew?   Whatever, we will have a meal lol. We always try to encourage our youth to participate in our trophy shoots. We have reduced rates for youth under 16 years and we will have a trophy for both the Jr girls and boys high gun over all winners. If the youth happen to fall into an adult class they will be eligible to win that class.

Our youth is our future in the shooting sports…please be patient with them and if you have the opportunity to pass a little of your knowledge on to them please do so…you will be rewarded in many ways for this.The personal gratification of seeing a young person use your tips and improve , is incredible. Even when they get really good and kick your hiney its pretty cool.

For our new shooters

We have some newer shooters wanting to get involved in the shotgun sports. This is a great thing, we always welcome both experienced and inexperienced shooters to the family at Cherokee Rod and Gun Club.

Here’s some info for the beginners no matter age: If you have questions ……ask anyone,   we are all happy to answer any questions you may have. (we were all beginners at one time)

If you want to start with trap/skeet…Feel free to ask hows my stance, where should I hold my gun, what lead should I see, etc.

The most frequent question I am asked is what choke do I need for trap , skeet or five stand?

Trap (depends on how fast you shoot) most beginners should start with Modified, Improved Modified , or full.

Skeet ( most of your shots, if you shoot close to the center stake , the shot is at  22 yds) at this range Cylinder , skeet , or improved Cylinder is best.

For Five Stand….I like Improved  cylinder for a 12ga.  For a 20 ga I use improved cylinder or light modified.

It’s always a good idea to test your shotgun on a pattern board. We have a pattern board on the lower trap range. I usually pattern mine at 32 yds for trap and 25 yds for skeet. This just shows you if your gun is shooting where your looking. Believe me …they don’t always.

If you are a new shooter or just new to Cherokee and have any questions…Please feel free to contact me. If I can’t answer  your question if will find some one that can. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. Larry Dark or 423-202-1257

Keys to the range will be issued on the last sunday of February .  I talked to Wayne Starnes and he’s planning to come out on Saturday to our five stand and pass some early. Wayne has been the keymaster for years and is now passing the duty on to Joe Truillio . If you don’t get your key by the last Sunday in Feb you will need to contact Joe.

Any member can get a key to the trap and skeet ranges. This is a benefit that Cherokee offers to its members. All you have to do is be trained by anyone who currently has a key. Work 8 hours range duty , either 2 Sunday afternoons or one all day Saturday. 5.00 key charge , and you have keys to upper trap and skeet ranges , bird houses, and safe room. That way you can open the ranges and shoot anytime during regular club shooting hours. I don’t think any other club in the region offers this benefit in our region.

If you know of any youth that would like to get into the clay target sports , our youth teams will soon be getting started. They can find info on the website or contact Brian Chandler, his contact info is on the contact page of the website under board of directors. He can give you all the info you need to get involved.