Shotgun News 8/1/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy

When Cherokee Shotgunners go off shooting in tournaments we don’t normally hear about the results, but last Saturday Iron Mountain Sporting Clays held a tournament. We had a couple members do well , Joe Hobbs tied for 3rd in D class and John Keith won D class with a 73. Congrats Guys!

Rodney sent the scores from last months five stand . Jim McGill was top and Im Pretty sure he shot his 28 gauge most of the time. Congrats Jim, (now we need to get him on the skeet field)

Insert from Joe T on the Ironman shoot

The club had its Ironman shoot on 7-30 with 26 shooters participating

It looked like everyone had a good time and we sure ate well !!!!

The shoot consisted of 25 singles, 25 skeet, 25 5-stand and 26 doubles

 Trap there was a 4 way tie for 1st with all shooting  25 straight

1. Lee Perry

2. Grant Bledsoe

3. Joe Trujillo

4. George Reece Sr.. with Lee Perry winning the coin flip to take top honors

Skeet there were 3 perfect scores of 25 shot

1.Larry Dark, 

2.George Reece Jr,  

3.Grant Bledsoe (there’s that name again) !!!!! with Grant taking top honors !!!!!


Phil Tranum won top honors with a 21, and Tim Fields and Larry Dark shooting 20 each. Larry is showing off his shotgun skills in skeet and 5-stand, If you’ve never shot 5-stand, these scores are outstanding… Way to go guys!!!!


George Reece Sr shot a perfect round of 26, leaving Joe Trujillo’s score of 25 pouting in the corner !!!!

You have to beat Sr… He’ll give you nothing !!!!!   Great shooting Sr….

High Over ALL Gun was George Reece Jr with a 91 x 101. Jr Showed his skills off once again, but there was a few guys that at the end of the day gave him a run for his money, Lee Perry, George Reece Sr. and Paul Key all shot 90 x 101

Thanks to all who helped score, load houses and all the shooters who take time out of your day to participate in the club’s event


Tuesday 8/2

*Open practice on the hill. ranges open by 2p

Thursday 8/4

*CRGC monthly meeting. Meeting starts at 7p a meal is available.

Friday 8/5

*Arts old Codgers will be shooting trap and skeet up on the hill beginning around 9a and continuing till mid day.

Saturday 8/6

*Kettlefoot will host the trophy shoot. signups at 9a , a meal is available

*Unaka Rod and Gun will have 5 stand beginning at 12p

Hope to see everyone around the range