Shotgun News 7/8/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy

I hope everyone had a great 4th!!

Tuesday 7/9 Open practice on the hill. Trap and Skeet fields will be open by 430p . Its a great time to come out and get in a few rounds of practice or if your new to the club come on out and get started with the shotgun gang. Everyone is more than happy to help you get started. If you are new to the shotgun thing the chokes that are preferable for trap are Modified, Improved Modified , or full. And for skeet you will want  Cylinder , Skeet , or Improved Cylinder. And you don’t have to have a $10,00.00 skeet gun , ive seen many 25 straight shot with a Mossberg pump.

Friday 7/12 Arts old codgers will be shooting Friday morning starting about 9a and running till about noon or their nap time which every comes first. If your off on Fridays they would love to have you.

Saturday 7/13 Wilderness Road will host the Trophy shoot. Sign ups from 8:15 till 10:15 . Meal will be provided.

Sunday 7/14 Five Stand. We will be ready to shoot buy 12p and will shoot till everyone’s had enough or 5p which ever comes first. If you’ve not shot five stand it should come with a warning label, “This can be Addictive” . The chokes you need will be a skeet or improved cylinder in a 12ga or improved cylinder or light mod in a 20ga.  Bring lots of shells and get on a squad. Rodney and Bobby run five stand every month and put in a lot of time keeping everything going smoothly for us. We have done a lot to the five stand at the last work day and it looks great.

Hope to see everyone around the range