Shotgun News 7/25/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy

A lot of info this week. This is an insert from Joe T

The Southern Zone ATA shoot at Bostic NC @ The North Carolina Homegrounds.
At the Zone shoot, there is also a simultaneously shoot going on in KY and FL club, so if your shooting at one of these clubs your shooting against the other clubs that represent shooters from KY, TN , Ga, AL, NC, SC & FL

Joe Trujillo, Lee Perry, Clay Klingensmith, Derek & Dave Silvis, Kenny Detherage, New member Alex Jackson made the trip down to shoot in the heat, and was it hot !!! All shot well with Joe Trujillo winning the SubVet handicap class on Friday.

Cherokee Trophy shoot
There was a first at this shoot, for the first time anyone can remember there were 3…yes 3 perfect scores of 50 shot in skeet !!!! Grant Bledsoe and Jacob McInturff shot off in skeet for high gun and Jacob winning, but rest assured this won’t be the last time we hear Grant Bledsoe’s name, he’s a young shooter coming on strong !!!
George Reese Jr won High Gun Overall with 99 x 100 score, 50 trap & 50 skeet shot… Unbelievable shooting !!!! unless your last name is Reece, then it’s just another day in the park !!!! Great job Jr !!!!
Travis Bledsoe ( Grant’s Dad I might add !!) won High Gun trap with 49 x 50.. You see where Grant gets his shooting skills !!!

Watauga ATA shot on the 23rd
We had a couple of shooters make the trip, Lee Perry and Clay Klingensmith made the trip to Boone, with Clay breaking the first 50 in a row in the Handicap event !!!! and Lee showing his long range shooting with a 24,24,24,24 = 96 in handicap which earned him a 1/2 yardage punch back to the 25 yard line…Lee maybe time to bring out the ole full choke !!!

Cherokee had its monthly 5-stand shoot on the 23rd, while I don’t have any scores, there were a lot of guys busting clays, Rodney and crew do a great job with 5 stand !!!!


We have the Ironman Shoot coming up this week. It consists of shooting 25 skeet, 25 trap, 25 five stand, and 26 doubles trap. Best score out of 101. Sign ups will start at 9a shooting starts at 10a. This event will include lunch and it is being catered by Nicks Chicken. Cost of shoot is 25.00

Tuesday 7/26
*Open practice on the hill. Ranges open by 2p

Friday 7/29
*Arts old Codgers will be shooting on the hill starting around 9a and running till mid day

Saturday 7/30
*Ironman Event. Sign up 9a shoot starts at 10a . Meal is provided (catered) 101 bird event cost 25.00

Range duty
Saturday 7/30 Linda Thorpe
Sunday No on signed up

Hope to see everyone around the range