Shotgun News 7/23/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy

The new machines  have been installed on the first skeet field. They are a little different.  

  • Plug the control box into the wall outlet (we will get disconnect boxes down the road)
  • There is a cord with the off. on, safe release switch hanging from the rear of the thrower (this must be turned on to use,you wont hear the machine turn on until you throw a target) 
  • Our wireless releases work as they did before, the cord is different. To use the cord (new gray) plug it in to the controller mounted on the wall to the right of the machine. It is a grey box and the cord is marked “this side out” to direct in the proper direction of the plug. there is a screw that is seen when properly installed.

Special thanks to  Bob Minke Ken Zolman Max Richardson Jeff Hilton Bobby Marshall Paul Key  

The machines were checked with radar and hooped. the second field should be done within the next couple weeks

hope to see everyone around the range ld