Shotgun News 7/12/21

From Larry Dark: Howdy

Summers here and we have more and more opportunities to break clay targets. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention or not, but Cherokee is really stepping up the game for shotgunners.  As I have said before, Cherokee has moved from a primarily skeet driven club to trap. We have so many dedicated trap shooters that there are more shoots being planned to take care of our shooters

The big 50 ATA shoot is tonight and PIZZA will be served

Upcoming ATA 300 !!!!! Cherokee will host a 300 bird ATA shoot on the first Saturday of each month starting August 7th.  For the Kickoff event , Joe says Breakfast will be provided , and for lunch a catered Fish Fry!!!!! Now how can you beat that, shooting clay targets and good food.

Monday 7/12 *ATA Big 50 sign ups at 5p shooting at 6p . Pizza wil be provided

Tuesday 7/13 *Open practice on the hill ranges open by 2p
*Five Stand League ranges ready by 5p . Any one is welcome to shoot after league shooters finish

Friday 7/16 *Arts Old Codgers will be on the hill shooting trap and skeet. They get started by 9a and shoot till around lunch time. If  your off they would love to have you join them.

Saturday 1/17 *Cherokee will host the Trophy Shoot . A meal is provided. Sign ups from 9a till 10:30a . If you haven’t shot the trophy shoots….you should give it a try. When i first started shooting at Cherokee, Art kept telling me i needed to come out to the trophy shoots , I’d tell him “you’ve seen me shoot , lets wait till i can shoot better”. Once i started , i had a lot of fun. That’s why we have classes! You are always competing with people of your current skill level. 

Here’s a pretty full week of opportunities to shoot a lot of shotgun shells. But if for some reason you need more…….

Here’s the weekend range duty roster. These folks have gotten keys to our facilities , just as you can. Part of the requirement to get your own keys is to keep the range open for 8 hours so all the people that don’t want keys can come out and shoot. If you are interested in getting your own key, just get with someone that have keys already for training and contact Joe T.

Range Duty Saturday 7/17  Robbie Miller Sunday  7/18 Chip Lilly

Hope to see everyone around the range ld