Shotgun News 6/21/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy

We are blessed to have a club like Cherokee where we can go shoot and enjoy our sport. Our facilities are going through some upgrades in new updated equipment , my understanding is some of our machines were as much as 30 years old.  Many of our members bring talents and abilities from their work life, and they donate their time and expertise to make the club better for all of us. Many of these go un thanked because no one sees,  what they do. Did you notice someone donated and installed new fans in the pavilion? thanks Bob and Charlie!

Tuesday 6/22 *Open Practice on the hill. ranges open by 2p
*Five Stand League .  this will be week 2 of 7. If you would like to shoot you can still get in, we drop the two lowest scores.

Friday 6/25 *Arts old Codgers will take the hill and shoot trap and skeet. If your off on Fridays they would love to have you shoot with them. Ranges open by 9a and run till lunch time 

Saturday 6/26 *Five Stand!!! this is not a league shoot, this is our normal 5 stand day. The crew will have the field ready by 9a . Bring lots of shells and get on a squad.
*Unaka will host the monthly trophy shoot. They start signing up around 8:30a

Range Duty for this week George Thorpe 6/26 Craig Dennison 6/27

When you see these people on range duty ….they have gotten keys to the shotgun facilities. Part of the requirement for keys is to keep the range open for 8 hrs for those who dont want keys. So when you see someone has duty, the ranges should be open. Go out and shoot with them…sure makes the day go faster.

Winners of the ATA Big 50 last Monday:

hope to see everyone around the range ld