Shotgun News 5/28/2024

From Larry Dark: Howdy 

This year is really ticking on by, we are almost halfway through.

Coming up next week …..Thursday 6/6 Cherokee will host the NHRA Speedway Children’s Charity Ironman Shoot. We need a lot of help to make the shoot run smoothly. If you can help contact Joe Trujillo at . They will get started around noon, start shooting at 1p. 

There is also a club meeting Thursday 6/6 starting at 7p

Tuesday 5/28

*Open practice on the hill. Starts mid day and runs till mid afternoon

*Spring Trap League finishes up tonight. If you need to make up missed nights….you are welcome to do so after everyone has shot.

Friday 5/31

Arts old Codgers will be shooting trap and skeet up on the hill. They get started around 9a and shoot till lunch time

Saturday 6/1

*Kettlefoot will host the trophy shoot. Sign up starts and 9a

*Unaka will have their 5 stand up by 10a and will run till shooters stop signing up. 

Range Duty

Saturday 6/1   No one scheduled

Sunday    6/2   Bill Snapp

Hope to see everyone around the range