Shotgun News 5/17/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy

Cherokee has started having meetings again as the Covid 19  restrictions start to relax a bit. We actually missed elections last year ,so we are going to have a special election during our June meeting. The reason i mention this is that there are some openings that present opportunities for our membership to become actively  involved with the club. If you are interested in running for an office or seat on the board of directors please contact Mr Brian Sims and let him know. You can find his contact info on the website, and if you haven’t checked out the Cherokee website lately you should. Go to , click on the contacts button , directory and scroll down the Board of Directors and Brian Sims link will be there to contact him.

Vacant Seats Secretary Assistant Secretary Assistant Accounts Payable Treasurer Assistant Accounts Receivable Treasurer Board of Directors position  

As i said , if your are interested in holding any of these positions , please contact Brian and let him know. We will also be taking nominations at the meeting before the elections begin.  The elections will be held on 6/3/2021 be sure to attend as a voting member.

Do you want a 5 stand league? If so please contact myself (larry dark) or Rodney Meade . With the scarcity of ammo we were debating on whether or not to have the 5 stand league this year. We are taking a head count.  So if you want to shoot in a 5 stand league which would be 2 rounds a week for 7 weeks, please let us know.  

Tuesday 5/18 open practice on the hill . skeet and traps open by 2p  

Thursday 5/20 youth practice . Team ETSS will start at 5p. There are always fields left available for member use.

Friday 5/21 Arts old Codgers will be shooting on the hill by 9a and will continue until there nap time around mid day.

Saturday 5/22 Five Stand ….range open by 9a and will keep running as long as shooters keep coming. If you’ve not shot this , you really should give it a try. I think it’s the best game we have at Cherokee.  Bring lots of shells….sign up for a squad. If you haven’t shot it or its been a while ask one of the guys to show you where the targets are coming from…they will be more than happy to help  

Unaka has started having their trophy shoots again. Sign ups are 8:30a till 10a . A meal is provided

Hope to see everyone around the range ld