Shotgun News 4/08/2019


Well it feels like spring has sprung and I’m ready for it!

If you still haven’t gotten your keys to the trap and skeet fields , you can contact Joe Trujillo and he can hook you up.

Tuesday 4/9 Open practice on the hill . The ranges are open by 4:30p . If your a new shooter , just holler at someone and they will walk you though getting on a squad.

Friday 4/12 Arts Old Codgers will be honing their already substantial skills with a shotgun. They are normally ready to shoot by 9a this time of year and will shoot till about lunch time. If you are wanting to give the clay targets a try this is a great time to start. They are more than willing to give tips or assistance. Take advantage of their many years of experience.

Saturday 4/13 Our friends at wilderness road will host the trophy shoot. They will have a meal. Sign ups are from 9-11a

Sunday 4/14 Five Stand. Rodney and Bobby will have the range ready to shoot by noon. Come on out and give it a try. This is a practice course for sporting clays.  You get sporting clays presentations in a smaller condensed area. It can be challenging but its a lot of fun. Bring lots of shells and get your name a squad list. If you’ve not shot 5 stand , just ask someone to walk you through the first round or two so you will know where the targets are coming from.

You may notice I put quite a lot in these emails about New Shooters. The reason is we have a lot of new members to Cherokee that express interest in shotgun. And I have heard from some of them that they feel a little funny about coming out for several reasons. Some feel they will have inferior skill levels , some don’t know the rules of the games, some even feel their shotguns aren’t good enough. 

All I can say is BULL . You are welcome no matter you experience or skill level. The vast majority of the frequent shooters are more than happy to help you get started. As far as equipment, most of us have been beaten by a guy with a Mossberg or Remington shotgun on multiple occasions.  A great saying of Art Shultz is “its just a piece of pipe with some wood and screws” If you point it in the right place the target will break!

The majority of us didn’t start shooting clays till we were much older, so remember even the best shooters were once Newbys.

Hope to see everyone around the range