Shotgun News 3/30/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy

I came out to Cherokee on Saturday to shoot a couple rounds of Five Stand (very poorly) but that’s another discussion.  There was a only a few at five stand and they were all keeping a great distance between each other, no one offered to shake hands. Up on the hill there were a few more shooting and they too appeared to be keeping their distance. The weather is obviously looking like spring and we all want to be outside, please keep up the good work on the social distancing. We are all friends and we don’t want to see anyone get this virus.

We are not scheduling any events. We do not want to encourage people to come together right now.  The Cherokee Facilities are accessible, and members with keys to the shotgun ranges are more than welcome to come out and shoot anytime during normal shooting hours. I expect there will be people on the range at the normal time we usually have our practices.

The spring Leagues for Five Stand and Trap are postponed due to the corona virus. We will look at rescheduling in July.

Remember the April Meeting is cancelled due to the Covid 19 virus

Everyone stay safe, unfortunately this virus may be the longest lasting thing made in China.