Shotgun News 3/25/2019

from Larry Dark


Tuesday 3/26 Open practice on the hill. Ranges open by 4:30p (Im sure there will be some doubles skeet shot)

Friday 3/29 Arts old farts will be on the hill shooting trap and skeet. they get started by 9a this time of year

Saturday 3/30 Fifth Saturday FUNDAY George Jr has organized the shoot for Saturday. Its going to be a big day of shotgunning and a little twist here and there to keep it interesting. The cost of the shoot will be 16.00 for both skeet and trap. Paul is bringing sandwiches and drinks. The clubhouse will be open for signups which will be from 9a till 11a Shoot


Trap…1 round at 16yd  ….1 round at 24yd

Skeet …two rounds total. We will shoot stations 1,2,6,7 normal high , low, double. Stations 3,4,5,8 will be doubles as a true pair.  You can shoot either target first (my preference is the house your closest to) If you break both together you will need to shoot a proof double. On Station 8 you will shoot the incomer then the target that goes over your head in a true pair.

As always we will have a good time….don’t be intimidated by the format , if you have questions someone will be more than happy to explain it Saturday. You know theres always a chance of a game of mad cow or partners trap breaking out.

Hope to see everyone around the range