Shotgun News 3/23/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy

We are living in some very strange times right now. I don’t want to sound dramatic but its like our country has been attacked by an unseen enemy and we are at war.  I know you are tired of hearing about Corona Virus. But we are trying to be proactive and help keep everyone safe. We are not doing any scheduled events for a while.  Cherokee Rod and Gun Club is up and running for you to use and enjoy.  The ranges will even be opened on certain days , not for organized events but you are welcome to come and participate if you wish. And if you have your own keys , you are obviously welcome to come and shoot anytime during normal shooting hours.


  • Handshaking …..Cherokee is  a very friendly club, the number of times members greet with a handshake is surprising. DONT , do something else , Fist Bump, Elbow Bump, Whatever.
  • Personal Space….  We have some space invaders. Give some room, Keep a few feet between each other.
  • Hand Washing…They say this virus can lay for days on a hard surface. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. 
  • If you are sick or running a fever or coughing…. STAY HOME we have a lot of folks in the age group that can really be affected adversely by this virus.

Tuesday Upper fields open by 430p

Thursday Our friends at wilderness road will be open by 4p if you wish to join them

Friday upper fields open by 9a

Saturday 5 stand set up by 9a

Stay Safe and Be Well