Shotgun News 2/18/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy

Here’s the results from the last Trophy Shoot at Cherokee

High Gun Overall 

  • Mr George Reese Jr with a 94
  • HIgh Skeet Larry Costine 47
  • High Trap Tim Fields 48

Trap Class Winners

  • AA Paul Key
  • A   Miss Kay
  • B  Zach Watson
  • C  Anthony Dean Jr
  • D Cory Calvin

Skeet Class Winner

  • A Ashlan Forester
  • B Paul Key
  • C Bob Minke
  • D Cory Colvin
  • E Rodney Meade

Tuesday 2/18 *Open practice on the hill , Ranges open by 4:30p

Friday 2/21 *Arts Old Codgers will take the hill and shoot practice in trap and skeet . Ranges open by 9:30a they shoot till mid day

Saturday 2/22  *Five Stand ranges open by 9a . we will shoot till everyone runs out of shells.

Sunday 2/23 Joe Trujillo will pass out new keys for the year. These are for the shotgun facilities. Requirements for getting Keys 

  • be trained on the machines and cash drop by someone that currently has keys
  • keep skeet and trap ranges on the hill open 8 hours (all day Saturday or 2 half day Sunday afternoons)
  • 5.00 key deposit This gives you access to all of the shotgun trap and skeet ranges for the year. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this benefit.

I don’t know of any of the other clubs in the region that offer this benefit to their members.

Upcoming events Cherokee will host a 100pair doubles trap marathon on leap year 2/29 the shoot will start at 10a  More info to come next week

Youth shotgun program will kick off 2020 with a meeting on Sunday 3/1 at 2p If you know of any youth from age 10 thru college  (focus is on high school age) that would be interested they should contact Brian Chandler , head coach for team ETSS (contact can be found on

thanks and have a great weekld