Shotgun News 2/18/2019

Larry Dark’s News of 2/18/2019


As always this time of year is “Weather Permitting” on all scheduled events

With the weather forecasts this year we have been very fortunate to get in the vast majority of the events we have had planned.

Tuesday 2/19 Open practice on the hill. Trap and Skeet fields will be open by 4:30p and we will shoot till everyones had enough.

Friday 2/22 Arts Old Farts will be up on the hill shooting Trap and Skeet. They get there by 9:30a and shoot till their nap time around noon.

Saturday 2/23 Five Stand Saturday!! This is my favorite thing we do at Cherokee. If you haven’t shot 5 stand you’ve missed out. You get target presentations from a rabbit on the ground to overhead passing dove . This can also be a humbling experience. We have had really good skeet shooters come and shoot a 8-9 score. And we have guys that shoot 22-24 pretty consistently , it really doesn’t matter what your score is ….it will make you a better shot in the long run. This is what our youth team relies on for their sporting clays practice and since they normally do very well at their competitions, I have to believe it works.

Rodney will have the field set up by 9a and ready for customers. All you need to do is bring your Eye, Ear, protection and lots of shotgun shells. When your ready to shoot, just tell the score keeper to put you on the next available squad. (they don’t know you want to shoot till you tell them) A skeet choke in a 12 ga will break most of the targets (I like a little tighter like and imp cyl) for 20ga imp cyl or light mod is great.

We normally shoot till people stop shooting. This generally happens by 3-4p, but we will keep the range open as long as folks want to shoot.

Results from the 2/16 Cherokee Trophy Shoot
High gun overall George Reese Jr with a 95/100
High gun skeet Bob Titus with a 48/50 long run
High gun Trap Randy Davis with a 48/50 long run

AA Skeet Paul Key 48/50 long run
AA Trap Larry Costine 48/50

A Skeet Ashland Forester 47/50
A Trap Gene Clevenger 46/50

B Skeet Larry Costine 42/50
B Trap Ken Johnson 42/50

C Skeet Evan Malone 37/50
C Trap Jim Heck 38/50

D Trap Jim Hurd 28/50

E Skeet Jim Winn 31/50

Forgot to add that this Sunday is Key Day. IF you want to get keys to the shotgun facilities this is the time to do it. Wayne Starnes will be at the range Sunday afternoon to pass out new keys for the year. After Sunday your old keys will not work anymore. He is going to try to make an appearance for us during 5 stand on Saturday for our conveinence . IF you cant get your keys replaced on Sunday you will have to get in touch with Joe Trujillo he is going to take over the keys this year.